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Interactive electronic board that helps us present the educational content in interactive way The Egyptian IWB is multi-touch, multipurpose, easy to use and cross platform as well. The board is provided with a software OKTOPUS .
OKTOPUS for E-CLASS is a software that includes collection of interactive teaching tools designed to enhance teaching and boost learning outcomes. The board can be used at home, school and corporation and In education facilities, the software offers more than 70 learning tools IT let users quickly interweave offline and online content , Generated reports can be exported to Flash, CSV, Excel or PDF formats. Using the Qwizdom Notes+ app on tablets or iPads , the students can interact by submitting answers, taking notes and sharing annotations or voting for any issue in the classroom. The Board is surrounded by Aluminum frame to add stiffness to the board.
The board has 3 years warranty .

The first Egyptian interactive whiteboard by up to 100% of Egyptian made. Supports multible users each can simultaneously use different color and dedicated area on the board. IWB are relatively low cost without prejudice to the synthesis of quality.

The Oktopus software is a presentation and collaboration software for interactive touch screens. You can work over any content or application.

With the Oktopus software for interactive touch screens, you can work over or alongside any software application, existing content, or web browser. Compatible with Windows and Mac, Oktopus gives everyone – whether in education or corporate – the flexibility to use the application, content and resource of their choice.

Qwizdom Oktopus software for interactive touch screens with Action point comes packaged with a 2 Install Interactive Software License (1 for the classroom and 1 for the teacher home pc for preparation of lesson plans), plus a 5 User Collaboration & Voting License to use with iPads, Android Tablets or other student devices.

The Oktopus software for interactive touch screens will enhance classroom or boardroom collaboration. Teachers can instantly instantly share content as students follow along on their personal devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops or Chrome books, taking notes, answering questions and sharing annotations over the top of any live lesson.


The software is user friendly that is :

    1. Annotate over ANY application or web browser.
    2. Share and collaborate over documents.
    3. Present to any audience, in corporate and learning environments
    4. Poll entire audiences and collect valuable feedback instantly
  • CROSS PLATFORMAvailable for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android devices.
  • AVAILABLE IN 42 LANGUAGESIncluding English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Danish, Korean
  • MULTI-TOUCH & MULTI-PENEnhanced multi-pen and multi-touch capabilities means users can simultaneously use and manipulate tools.
  • COLLABORATIVE.Participants can view live lessons, respond, share, take notes, and save presentations for review, using any tablet or laptop
  • EASY TO USEThe simplistic design makes it accessible to users of all ages and levels of computer literacy. Multi- disciplined interface with over 70 interactive tools to create unique and powerful presentations. Our unique Quick Tool Palette allows for rapid presentation building.

The hardware designed to withstand the harsh environment. Starting from the frame, the frame is a 4-sided Aluminum frame, the usage of Aluminum for two reasons, first to add stiffness to the frame The board surface is considered an invention itself, as it’s designed with ceramic surface that is Multi-layer anti-breakage



Beside the Anti-GlareTechnolog

Finally, we believe in duality, thus the surface can be used as ordinary whiteboard which is perfectly dry-erasable and leaves no marks from erasing (ghosting).

The interactive board connects to a computer. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus, or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand.

Title Description
Size84 Inch
Technology Infrared
Outline dimention 1745x1212 mm (83.6")
Active Size 1642x1109 mm (78")
Aspect ratio 4:3
Surface type Steel nano / Ceramic magnetic surface
Frame type Aluminium frame
Touch type Fingers / pens or other opaque objects
Touching points 10 users writing
Data Port USB
Scanning form Auto
Position accuracy <= 0.1 mm
Touch resolution 32768 x 32768
Cursor speed >=125 dots/second
Transferring 12 m/s
Scanning rate First point 25ms/Consecutive points 8ms
Power supply USB
Working voltage DC 4.6v ~ DC 5v
Working current <=200 mA
Power Consumption <=1 W
Accessories 2 dome pens / USB cable (5m)/wall mount/CD

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