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Go Touch Dragon

GO TOUCH interactive whiteboard is considered to be the first Egyptian IWB with classroom management software that is User-friendly, easy to learn how to operate it also enable you to convert the traditional computer lab into interactive class, where students can interact with the teacher through their computers. The software has many tools that help in a better subjects understanding, Thanks to the ceramic anti-breakage, anti-scratching and water-proof surface, the interactive GO TOUCH whiteboard can be used in the same way as a traditional whiteboard at the same time, enabling you to write on it with a marker, SO The hardware is designed for durable usage that can withstand rough environment.

The class room management software has 2 modes for operations, one for windows and the other for Android. The program is embedded within the software such that unlike other software that offer that program as well, no need to exit the interface of the IWB software to operate the classroom management software


  • Screen size: 100” available , which is considered huge writing surface for improved visibility without squinting
  • Multi-pages: Open different pages onto your GO TOUCH interface, without compromising on visibility.
  • Multi-user: True collaboration! When working with different students on to 1 surface, you can fully enjoy your 2-touch functionality; each can use different colors simultaneously
  • Class room management software embedded within the GO TOUCH software that can operate on windows or Android operating systems
  • Fast and extremely accurate.
  • Stylus, finger, or any opaque object touches recognition
  • Ceramic anti-scratches, anti-breakage and water proof surface that is manufactured by the Anti-Glare Technology 9AGT) to ensure maximum visibility
  • Perfectly dry-erasable with reduced ghosting (common marks from erasing), as the AGT surface allows the surface of the IWB to be used as traditional whiteboard
  • The GO TOUCH surface is manufactured using RGB Anti-Glare Technology (AGT), which is the ideal projection surface with minimal glare that eliminates hotspots and so reduces visual fatigue
  • user-friendly software interface that is analogous to the famous operating systems interface
  • Many educational programs and interactive physical labs
  • Many tool that help making usage of GO TOUCH board a joyful experience
  • can add 3rd party programs to ease usage of multimedia , internet , external sources and programs, without exiting the program interface
  • You can put your own educational materials and interact with it using the board these materials
  • could be (images, videos, flash files and any executable interactive programs)
  • The aluminum frame does not only look nice, it is used to add stiffness to the frame, ban the EMF that may interfere and disrupt the IR grid signals and makes maintenance easy, lowering the total costs of ownership. All E-class interactive whiteboards include a standard wall-mount


  • Connect the GO TOUCH interactive whiteboard to the computer via the USB and it’s connected and powered at the same time
  • The GO TOUCH has a second version that has a Wi-Fi router attached to the GO TOUCH board, to provide internal private network for classes and meeting rooms that do not have internal networks, to facilitate the usage of classroom management software
Title DescriptionDescription
ModelIEO 99100-U2
Size120 inch
100 inch
Technology Optical Technology
Outline dimention
Active Size
Aspect ratio 16:9
Surface type Multi Surface
Frame type Aluminium frame
Touch type Fingers / pens or other opaque objects
Touching points 2 users writing
10 user writing
Data Port USB
Scanning form Auto
Position accuracy <= 0.1 mm
Touch resolution 32768 x 32768
Cursor speed >=125 dots/second
Transferring >= 5msec
Power supply USB
Working voltage DC 4.6v ~ DC 5v
Working current <=200 mA
Power Consumption <=1 W
Accessories 2 dome pens / USB cable (5m)/CD
Download GO Touch driver :
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Download GO Touch Management :
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Download GO Touch Resources Library : 
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