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Smarty paint





Creates a high-performance,dry erase surface that erases cleanly every time so you don`t have to worry about dirty, stained walls keep your color:transparent paint allows you to transform any color wall into a high-performance dry erase surface

Easy to apply: mix this with that. Easy. Single coat roller application that anyone can apply

Better option than whiteboards:smarty paint offers better performance,value and aesthetics than whiteboards.

Create in any color!smarty paint is an easy to remove (environmentally friendly) coating for dry environment scanning. Creating a high-performance wiping surface. Smarty paint can be used to create a dry wipe surface at work. School or home.

Smarty paint can be applied to any color of latex paint or any smooth surface (eg dry walls, wood, blackboards, whiteboards, glass, metal panels, furniture,etc). this allows for the smooth integration of dry erase functions into existing ones.


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